Versatility of the fargo printer

With its high capacity ribbons, the fargo printer can print double color cards than most other printers before that we should change the tape. This allows for printing and continuous encoding cards with great quality. The fargo printer provides additional options that can be upgraded on site to achieve higher levels of security, and other requirements for secure issuance in the future.

Fargo printer's requirements

High volume performance

the fargo printer is designed for organizations that need a high volume of printing each day. High capacity ribbons and double entry cards chargers for maximum autonomy and manage multiple card types are among the standard features of this model.

Maximum safety: The front simultaneous lamination or double-sided option provides enhanced card security and ensures their sustainability.


The modular design allows organizations to leverage their investment by adding modules that can be upgraded on site, such as double-sided printing system and encoding technology card. Optional card laminator for applying lamination film to produce ultra-secure cards resistant to counterfeiting and increasing the durability of the cards; and a double-sided simultaneous lamination which saves time and increases productivity.

The two-sided fargo printer module provides more space for the holder information and security features such as a second camera or a digital signature.

The encoding modules encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity cards, technology cards with or without contact, such as iCLASS, for access control and other applications.