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February 11th, 2008

Con Spring Election Fever

Our snowless Victoria 07-08 winter is set to give way to the annual end of February cherry blossom spectacle while speculation of an impending election is reaching a fevered pitch in the media. At this point in the political game of government”, I cannot understand Harper’s apparent certainty that a spring election is the way to go for the Conservative party. The latest polls show the Cons actually trailing the Libs…. so what gives?

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While it’s true that Canada is likely to suffer as a result of a US recession, the fact is our lower overall debt load puts us in a lot better shape than the US. While I am not sure if this is great strategy on Harper’s part, to be honest I don’t care and I am way past waiting patiently for an election so we can toss out this economically inept, environmentally embarrassing sideshow of a government. My best guess is it’s the numerous scandals looming on the horizon that are pushing Harper to try to pull the plug so early without any clear incentive.

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I am glad Dion has drawn a line in the sand requiring our troops to be out completely by 2011. However, I certainly hope that the Libs continue to stick to their position of ensuring that after 2009 our troops focus is on training Afghans to take the lead on security versus seeking out the enemy in Southern Afghanistan. Personally I am all for spending the money from the Afghanistan war on child care for Canadians, increased economic assistance for democratically developing countries, more resources for Canadian First Nations and more tax cuts at home. The Star reports,

If so, Canada is failing as a civilization. I remember stepping out of my house on Sept. 12, 2001, looking up at a silent sky thinking, “The world will never be the same.”And it hasn’t. The Conservatives have committed $9 billion to Afghanistan, $2 billion to child care. What’s wrong with this picture? The Taliban have no plans to invade Etobicoke.

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To ensure I am doing my part to help end this highly unmemorable Con reign, I have taken a seat on the Victoria Liberal sign committee and I am attending a meeting on the issue this week. I must admit this is my first foray into large scale signage placement and I am looking forward to learning lots of new stuff and meeting many new people in the community. When the election is called if you need/want/ or can place a Lib sign in Victoria….just give me a holler and I would be happy to help you out.

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February 8th, 2008

Rick Mercer visits Canadian West Coast Navy (video)

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February 8th, 2008

Love in the Media (video)

I was reading several MSM articles geared towards women on love/relationship issues in advance of Valentine’s celebrations next week. MSNBC reports,

But you do need to set your “aspiration level” — your ideal mate based on realistic view of who’s available and who you can attract, without wasting your time by dating ad nauseam —and date those people you consider to be in the top 25 percent. In other words, you have to go on roughly 10 first dates, with mates who are close to your ideal. If after 10 dates there’s someone you want to go back to and he or she is available, then go for it. But give yourself those 10 first dates.

Posted close to this somewhat prescriptive solution for finding love, was this less than inspirational pitch to women, basically suggesting it is perfectly alright to settle for Mr. OK over Mr. Right if aging and child care needs are an issue. I think if I was the potential partner targeted for the sitter’s job, I would smell/sense the desperation and run quickly in the opposite direction.

The couples my friend and I saw at the park that summer were enviable but not because they seemed so in love — they were enviable because the husbands played with the kids for 20 minutes so their wives could eat lunch. In practice, my married friends with kids don’t spend that much time with their husbands anyway (between work and child care), and in many cases, their biggest complaint seems to be that they never see each other. So if you rarely see your husband — but he’s a decent guy who takes out the trash and sets up the baby gear, and he provides a second income that allows you to spend time with your child instead of working 60 hours a week to support a family on your own — how much does it matter whether the guy you marry is The One?

To top it all off, I found this Reuter’s video clip (below) on rich, over-40 women paying out big bucks to meet young men because 40 year old guys are mostly the “couch potato” type. Overall none of it sounded much like love stories and romance to me.

I have always thought that putting yourself out there as much as you can, making new connections, learning new things, being open/flexible and listening were the most successful path to relationships and that applies to friends and potential partners. If I believe the media’s message; it appears I am quite naive and it is necessary to be far more cagey/savvy to find a successful relationship today.

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February 8th, 2008

New Nanos/SES Poll: Libs Lead

It’s just the kind of news I enjoy waking up to on a chilly Friday morning. A new poll from the only polling company I actually trust says the Libs have taken a slight lead over the Cons in the latest opinion polls. 

The Nanos Research survey put the Liberals at 33 percent and the Conservatives at 31 percent.

I wonder if Dion is planning to allow a free vote by the Libs on the Afghanistan issue as opposed to whipping the vote?  I suspect this might happen.

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February 5th, 2008

Even Later Live Blogging: Victoria Super Tuesday Party

The group here is noticing that one of the topics CNN is picking up on the Republican side is that Mitt Romney is not getting a very good return on his investment. Ron Paul got 4% in California which seems to be the highest we have seen so far.

Hillary Clinton and McCain projected to carry the state of California. Still only 16% reporting. McCain is pulling ahead now. Mike Huckabee as VP brings to mind visions of a continuing war on science. Mike Huckabee is the most conservative of all the candidates and doesn’t believe in science, photosynthesis, evolution, etc. Good luck to McCain if this is his choice.

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February 5th, 2008

Live Blogging: Super Tuesday Party in Victoria (video)

Posting from a Super Tuesday dinner party at a friend’s house.

We are all surprised by how close the votes are in many States. Obama is picking up quite a few votes even when he loses a State. Very interesting!

Still looking at how California is coming in. Very few precincts reporting thus far. Loved Obama’s speech…”Change is coming to America.” We are really hoping!!

McCain not running away with it all as originally thought by this group tonight.

Looks like a late night….

Sent by a friend on facebook.

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